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MFlight ist ein Club für BMW M Fahrer weltweit – Wir sind der weltweit größte internationale BMW M Drivers Club mit über 1000 Mitgliedern in über 12 Ländern auf der Erde. Wir bieten BMW M Enthusiasten eine Plattform um Gleichgesinnte aus der ganzen Welt zu treffen. Jedes Land hat sein eigenes Department das bis zu einem gewissen Punkt eigenständig agiert aber am Ende ist es eine große internationale Familie.

Wir arbeiten mit über 25 Partnern in der Automobilindustrie zusammen, darunter unter anderem AC Schnitzer, Akrapovic, Eisenmann, Hamann und viele mehr. Dieses Netzwerk und unsere drei Sponsoren A.I.B. GmbH, Alfred Böhm GmbH & BMW Euler Military Sales helfen uns dabei jedem Interessierten eine kostenlose Mitgliedschaft anzubieten.

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I started the Car Club MFlight in May of 2008 and it has grown tremendously since. I came up with the idea of having an exclusive M badged BMW club with the notion of it being unique to have all M badged cars. The club is for any BMW “M” badged vehicle.

We currently have 1M’s, M3’s, M4’s, M5’s, M6’s, X5M’s, X6M’s, Z4M’s, M235 and M550d’s in the club. It started with about 5 members and we are now up to approximately 445 members throughout Germany, the Nederlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the USA.

We have visited tuning companies such as AC Schnitzer in Aachen, Hamann, Hartge, Lumma, G-Power, Akrapovic and Eisenmann. We have also visited BMW Welt/Museum and BMW M GmbH in Garching-Hochbruck – Munich, the Porsche Museum, the Mercedes Benz Museum and many other places that members are interested in visiting. We also take trips to the Nürnberg Ring, Hockenheim Ring, Spa and many other tracks throughout Europe. We will attend and host local BMW Meetings all over Europe. In 2015, we are expanding MFlight at an alarming rate in the USA.

We have created regions to so that you have the optioiin to stay in your local area or travel and network with members all over the world. That’s a wealth of knowledge and experience at your finger tips. There a no fees or dues to join. We do have products that need to be purchased for minimal amounts to support the costs of certain events and expenses of the club. Check out our sponsors and supporters on our website. Many offer MFlight members discounts.

Some of the most fun you will have being a member of MFlight is to be a part of a convoy, single file in the left lane, with more than 30 M series BMW’s. It its definitely a head turner. Everyone is amazed when they see the M’s roling.

Take Care,

Hans Trower
MFlight Lead / President

Hans Trower

President / Founder & North American Manager

Gennaro Layo



Hector Palomeque

Central America Manager

Will Yoshida

South American Regional Manager

Manos Karpodinis

African Regional Manager

Rocky Yung

Asia Regional Manager

Kristin Marino

US East Coast Regional Manager

Kevin Timmons


Goan De Somviele

Social Media Manager

Alan Meris

Special Projects


Gamaliel Toledo

Product Manager & European Regional Manager

Adan Jaime Brassfield

Southern European Manager

Markus Justat

Southern Germany Regional Manager

Catrin Agsten

Northern Germany Regional Manager

Darryl Johnson

Kaiserslautern Area Manager

Chris van Loock

Belgium / Netherlands Regional Manager