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We know that the search for some information can sometimes be like running through a labyrinth – not every path leads you to the desired goal.
Thats why we created our Service section for you to help you to find the information or links you’re looking for. Let’s start with some helpfull links that many visitors often look for:

Become a Member

You want to join our Club? Fill out our form & become a part of the MFlight family today!

Become a Partner

You want to support our Club? Become an official MFlight Partner or Sponsor today!

Event suggestion

You want to invite our Club? Fill out our event suggestion form and we’ll try to come over!

This wasn't helpfull? Let's check our FAQ's!

Our FAQs contain answers to frequently asked questions to our team. To make your search for the correct answer easier, we have divided it into several areas. Here is an overview of the topics:

How can I become a member?

Becoming a member of MFlight is now easier than never before:
Just fill out our form which you can find right here and wait until the selected department answers to your membership inquiry.
The form contains all nessesary informations we’ll need from you.

How much does the membership cost?

Our membership is totally free!
There are no fees or dues to join the club. Most of the costs are covered by our partners & sponsors.
We will only charge you some costs for certain events or products that need to be purchased to support the club costs. This ensures a free membership even in the future.

Where can I get MFlight stickers or clothes?

All of the club’s promotional materials are available from your regional department. The responsible person will give you an exact list of all possible products and their price.

How can we become an official Partner/Sponsor?

To become an official partner or sponsor of MFlight, just use our request form which you can find here. There, all important information is queried, which simplifies the process for all involved.

Contact us

Still have any question or suggestion? Feel free to send us a message, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.