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MFlight was started in Kaiserslautern, Germany in June of 2008 by Hans Trower. It was a community exclusively for M series BMW’s (M3, M5, M6, Z4M, X6M, X5M) regardless of year. A few people gathered to enjoy fellowship and a common passion for BMW ///M’s.

Our lead sponsor was Pentagon Car Sales and Kreative Images. From the racetracks, the showrooms to the streets we continue to set the standard over the years as a professional car community. We have become a global network that always sets high standards of professionalism no matter who is watching.

Going into 2024, we have members in 53 countries with 3000+ members and it is growing daily. from Canada to South America, from The USA to Hong Kong. If you are looking for advice and passionate people, you are in the right place. Our standards are high, and passion is second to none. We have a great reputation and expect each member to act accordingly. We accept both, BMW ///M and BMW ///M Performance automobiles.

Today we have 4 sponsors and 37 partners worldwide that support us. Our sponsors and partners make everything possible for us to operate. As a global community we have gone to many places and have built many bonds, friendships, and huge network that we are proud to pass over to you. We only ask that you keep the high standards and continue to spread the word about our “Family”. Being a member comes at no cost.

The ///M brings us together, but the people are the heart and soul of why we are doing this. We visit many places and gather at all types of events. If you are interested just ask. Most events are posted on our Driver’s and/or Europe Facebook groups (which you will get access once we reviewed your membership application).

Once you are accepted into ///MFlight you are a member for life, making you a part of “The Family”. Rolling with a convoy of 50 ///Ms to an event is truly a head turner. You will be treated with respect and dignity. Any questions or concerns, we are here to help.

We are glad to have you.

Hans Trower (Founder of MFlight)

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